Hello Members and Clients

We will open on Saturday the 25th July 2020 we want to keep all our members safe. You will notice the gym layout has changed, and we are following the governments COVID guidelines. 

We ask all members and clients to follow the new rules and procedures without exception. 

 Things to do – 

  • Make sure you have an active gym membership otherwise you will be denied entry to the gym. 
  • Check on the app when you want to come in, click and let us know you are coming in. The app will inform us you are on your way. You do not need to book a training slot  
  • Please come to the gym dressed ready to train. The changing rooms and showers will be out of action until further notice. Toilets are in use, please clean after use with cleaning spray provided. 
  • Enter the building through the main entrance  
  • Hand sanitiser is available at the bottom of the stairs please use 
  • Come up the stairs and enter the gym hand sanitiser on the counter to your left  
  • We will test your temperature with a digital thermal thermometer as you enter the gym – If you have a high temperature, we will ask you to go home and contact your doctor. 
  • Please scan the bar code on your gym app to enter the gym. (Every member must do this) 
  • You can then train for up to 90 mins, after that period of time you will receive text asking you to then scan out of the gym. We are using this system so everyone has the opportunity to train. We have a record of who has trained and what times you have been in the gym.  
  • The gym has been socially distanced to 2 meters, please give other members room to move around the gym and train safely. 
  • Spotting other members is banned until further notice. Only people who live in the same household can spot each other. 
  • After using equipment, we ask you to clean the equipment with anti-bacteria spray and paper towels provided (Sanitising stations) Please help us to keep the gym COVID FREE.  
  • Gym Towels are prohibited.  
  • When you have finished your work out please leave the gym via the fire escape at the front of the building.  

My staff and I will be wearing face covering when we are outside the reception area. Members have a choice to either wear a face covering or not. (Masks are available to buy from reception) 

Your personal belongings need to stay with you as we are unable to accommodate. (Keys – Phone – Bags – etc.) 

We will be serving food and drink take away use only. Protein shakes will be served in disposable classes. 

Old Ironworks Gym