Ben East

Ben East

Old Ironworks Gym Personal Trainer

Please let me introduce myself I am Ben East a full time personal trainer qualified personal trainer and nutritional adviser.

My background goes as followed; I started my passion for fitness, to pass the fitness test for the royal marines at the age of 14 fourteen years of age.  From what I learnt to become fighting fit I gain a gained an interest in becoming a trainer, to teach people many ways to benefit the persons health, physical abilities, physical look and mind outlook though proper a personalised training and nutritional advised programming. So, I first studied physical education at GCSE’s level; then moved on to college where I was part of a scheme where I had a role of teacher assisted for the PE department where I was show how to teach also, where I had training in mentoring.

After collage I become apprentice at Old Iron Works Gym, where I studied to become a personal trainer I am today, by becoming qualified in fitness instructor certificate, personal training diploma level 3 REPs recognised training course and nutritional adviser.

I specialised in personalised goal hitting programmes in weight loss, lean muscle mass gain, strength training, 1-1 personal training, group training sessions, increase fitness levels and muscle toning up.

My ambition is to make sure that you hit every goal you have in fitness.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the gym by phone 01621 840098 or via email


Ben East – Personal Trainer – EAST FITNESS